GOTHACOM is a creative studio that can handle each phase of productions, from the early stages of conceptualization to delivery.


Concept Idealization and Script/Storyboard Creation

For us, conceptualization and the creation of the script and storyboard are crucial phases of pre-production in video production. We explore various themes, concepts, and creative approaches to find the one most suitable for conveying the message the client desires. Once the concept is defined, we proceed to script-writing and the corresponding development of the storyboard.



Pre-production is the initial and fundamental phase for our video productions. We start by defining the creative idea and proceed to draft the budget. We ensure to organize a well-structured and accurate production so that everything is ready during the shooting phase to achieve the client's objectives and needs.



We are a complete 100% team comprised of: creative director, sales director, editors, 2D and 3D graphic designers, colorists, sound designers, producers, and account managers. We have spacious rooms including one dedicated to color correction and an audio recording studio. We oversee all phases of a project, from idealization and creative development, to script-writing, location scouting, director and cinematographer selection, all the way to distribution of the final video. We produce video productions for a wide range of purposes, including TV and social media commercials, bespoke formats, out-of-home communication, corporate videos, events, fashion, and much more.



During the shooting, the chosen director, along with the director of photography and the rest of the technical team, work together to capture the scenes planned during pre-production. We ensure that thorough planning and coordination are carried out to ensure that all scenes are recorded as desired, while adhering to the established schedule and budget.



We handle 100% of the post-production phase. From editing footage, adding special effects, color correction, audio editing, music selection from libraries or composed specifically, to creating 2D and 3D titles and graphics.



We deliver to all broadcasters and platforms. This can be done through a variety of means, including distribution on online platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, or social media platforms, television broadcast, or delivery of digital files directly to the client. During this phase, we always ensure that the video is in the appropriate format and meets all the technical requirements required by the chosen platform or distribution channel.



    Alessio Fava
    Eleonora Mozzi
    Denise Moreno
    Bellone Consonni
    Matteo Sironi
    Roberto Badò
    Edoardo Lugari
    Tobia Passigato
    Peter Harton
    Pierre Mouarkech
    Andreas Grassl
    Corydon Wagner
    Michael Leary
    Tak Kuroha
    Francesco Meneghini
    Vikkal Parikh
    Antonella Spatti
    Alessandro Bosi
    Michele Socci
    Chris Myhre
    Gigi Piola
    Andrea Casadio
    Fabio Cotichelli



    Here are examples of productions Made in GOTHACOM: